How to become a professional painter

Professional painters are responsible for preparing, protecting, and decorating interior and exterior surfaces by applying paint, wallpaper and various special coatings. These can be applied in a number of different settings, and are generally divided into commercial, residential and industrial.

The three types of professional painting include:

  • Industrial Painting: Industrial painters work primarily in infrastructure, construction and manufacturing settings to apply various epoxies, urethane and other protective coatings to a variety of materials and surfaces. Being an industrial painter provides tradespeople the opportunity to work on a variety of worksites, with the opportunity to apply your unique set of skills in many settings, or to subspecialize in one of the coating styles.
  • Commercial Painting: Commercial painters are tasked with the final stages of construction jobs at places like office buildings, hospitals and shipping centres. They can work indoors and outdoors, and on small and large scale projects. Like industrial painting, commercial painting offers tradespeople dynamic work settings, with the opportunity to work with new teams and across a wide geographic area.
  • Residential Painting: Residential painters paint the interior and exterior of residential homes. Residential painters get to work with people, by communicating with the client throughout the process to ensure they get the final look they desire. Residential painters’ work environments always change, so each job looks different from the last.

General requirements

Do you have the below qualities?

  • You are comfortable working on elevated work platforms and scaffolding
  • You may be required to work in cramped areas or at considerable heights
  • You may work outside at various times of the year and experience a considerable range of environmental conditions
  • You can work bending down, stretching from side to side and often with your arms over your head
  • You have the stamina to be on your feet for long periods of time
  • You work with attention to detail
  • You are in good physical condition

Educational and training requirements include:

  • The minimum entry for apprenticeship is Grade 10
  • Completion of a 6,000 hour apprenticeship program
  • Complete your Red Seal Certificate

Being a residential, commercial, or industrial painter means working with your hands, helping customers, creating art and esthetic beauty every day of your life. It means having job security – as long as people work in buildings and live in homes, your trade will be in demand. It means solid wages with excellent prospects, but it also allows you to work in many types of environments. It isn’t unusual for painters to go from painting office buildings to painting bridges to painting water towers.

We have partnered with FTI Ontario to offer apprenticeships where apprentices can learn about the newest technologies available to painters.

Are you curious about starting a career as a residential, commercial, or industrial painter? Contact us today. We want to help you get there.

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