Choose a career in the Asbestos Workers Union as a Hazmat Technician

Hazmat technicians, or hazardous materials removal workers, remove materials that are harmful to people and the environment. They respond when hazardous materials need to be located and removed. Hazmat and asbestos workers play a vital role in the safety of our communities.

General requirements to become a hazmat technician and join the asbestos workers union

Signs that you might like being a hazmat technician:

  • You thrive on organization and like to promote cleanliness
  • You care about the environment and want to remove all the toxicity from your community
  • You want to avoid a job where you sit at a desk all day
  • You like working as a part of a team
  • You want a job that pays well and has long-term benefits
  • You want a job with a projected growth for the coming decades
  • You like to work with your hands, while still using your intellect to make smart decisions
  • You enjoy a challenge

Hazmat technician training requirements include:

  • Grade 10 equivalency supported by a High School transcript or High School diploma (equivalent GED or CAAT also accepted)
  • Need to provide Permanent Resident Card, Canadian Birth Certificate OR a valid Canadian Passport
  • Once 3,600 hours are obtained, students must write a Certificate of Qualification exam at the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Hazmat workers help keep our communities clean and are on the cutting edge of eco-friendly waste removal. This role is high energy and each day is different. Do you see yourself starting a career as a hazmat worker? Contact us today. We want to help set you up for success!

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