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A glazier’s job responsibilities are many. They work with many different materials, both natural and manmade. They are responsible for installing window systems in high res towers, small storefronts, factories, car dealerships and many more places. They are also responsible for the various door systems in these buildings, both automatic and manual. Technology with these systems is constantly changing, so glaziers must continue to keep up on these changes.

However, glazing can be a challenging and rewarding career.

General requirements for obtaining glazier jobs

Sound interesting? Make sure you have the below qualities:

  • Have an eye for detail
  • Be comfortable with heights
  • Possess good eyesight and hand-eye coordination
  • Be in good shape
  • Be safety conscious
  • Have strong math skills

Educational and training requirements for glazier jobs include:

  • The minimum entry for apprenticeship is Grade 10
  • Completion of an 8,000 hour apprenticeship program

Glaziers go on to work for construction glass installation contractors, retail service and repair shops, and glass fabrication shops, or start their own business.

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