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Are you looking for a career that lets you work with your hands? Do you want to work in a field that is constantly growing? Would you like to be part of a union family that consistently delivers opportunities for you and your family? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might consider a career as a skilled tradesperson. With training programs that have built-in paid apprenticeships, tremendous earning potential, and an ever-growing demand, our members enjoy fulfilling lifelong careers and union jobs.

At IUPAT, we have partnered with training centers that offer a variety of training programs that will help you launch your career in one of the many exciting trades we represent. These programs allow you to earn practical knowledge and firsthand experience.

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There’s plenty of career options to choose from.

Painting: Painters are responsible for preparing, protecting, and decorating interior and exterior surfaces by applying paint, wallpaper and various special coatings. These can be applied in a number of different settings, and are generally divided into commercial and residential.

Drywall Finishing: Drywall finishers work on new walls and ceilings, and repair pre-existing walls. They may work in the commercial or residential industry, either for a contractor or general construction company.

Glazing: Glaziers are responsible for selecting, cutting, installing, replacing and removing all kinds of glass.

Hazmat: Hazmat or hazardous materials removal workers, remove materials that are harmful to people and the environment. They respond when hazardous materials need to be located and removed.

EIFS/Stucco: A stucco worker, also called an exterior insulated finishing system (EIFS) mechanic, works on the exteriors of buildings. Stucco workers apply coats of plaster or stucco to walls, ceilings, or partitions of buildings.

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