The importance of education in our union

We all know that keeping on top of the latest industry trends enables us to perform our jobs better, which often results in the presentation of new opportunities. Additionally, attending union education, training and leadership programs keeps us up-to-date on new techniques, products and services, as well as continually moving our careers forward. It’s an essential part of living and working in our society.
IUPAT has always supported continuing education for union members and their families. These include:

  • Educating apprentices in the trades our Union represents
  • Education for training in health & safety so our members are safe every day
  • Educating on the job, learning new methods and technologies of our work
  • Educating journeypersons to upgrade in our training facilities to be the best
  • Educating members about the importance of political action
  • Educating the membership about market share and the purpose of organizing
  • Educating our families about the benefits our Union provides, and
  • Educating society about the role working people and Unions have in everyday life

As proud union members, it’s our responsibility to be the best we can be… and that begins with education and training programs.

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