Because we place a high value on education and training, IUPAT provides union scholarships in Canada to our working families to further education and reward the hard, academic work performed by the relatives of our members. We offer a variety of student scholarships for academic and athletic achievement for post secondary education.

District Council 46 Scholarship Award

“District Council 46 Scholarship Award” is a union scholarship given to children and grandchildren of members in good standing in a DC 46 Local Union. Awards are granted every year in the amount of $2,000.00 each upon submission of an essay with a specific topic. Letters for application are sent to the membership each spring. Please contact Nicole in membership for more information at 1-800-668-1823 or 416-630-9604. You can also download the scholarship form here.

Frank “Bud” Raftery

Frank “Bud” Raftery Award is available to sons, daughters and legal dependents of IUPAT members. The IUPAT Scholarship Committee chooses winners from essays submitted by scholarship applicants. Annually, 10 scholarships are awarded yearly in the amount of $2,000.00. Visit this link for more information on this union scholarship.

A.L. “Mike” Monroe/Ralph D. Williams, III

A.L. “Mike” Monroe/Ralph D. Williams, lll Sports Scholarship awarded to athletic students in pursuit of their ambitions in athletics while earning an education at an academic institute of their choice. This is a one-time award in the amount of $5,000.00 that’s granted in each region of the IUPAT. Visit this scholarship link for more information.

Ontario Federation of Labour

Ontario Federation of Labour awards scholarships to a member or child of a member affiliated to the OFL through the IUPAT. There are two scholarships of $2,000.00 each. Download the latest application form; or, for more information visit http://www.ofl.ca/ and go to OFL Labour Honour Roll Scholarships.

Maintenance Industry National Bursary

Maintenance Industry National Bursary provides a number of $500.00 post secondary education bursaries to children of union members. If you require forms and more information email js-medley@gpmccanada.com.

Please contact the IUPAT at 1-800-668-1823 for more information about Union scholarships offered in Canada.

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