Bruno Mandic DC46 Business ManagerDear Sisters and Brothers:

We are truly living in unprecedented times. Who could have imagined even a few months ago that a virus that first appeared on the other side of the world would bring so much illness and death, and such disruption to our lives.

Last week we were advised that we can go back to work effective May 19, 2020. We are working hard to train all workers to make sure job sites are safe; promoting physical distancing and improvements in sanitary conditions (ie. easy access to running water, soap, hand sanitizer and clean toilets). I will continue to fight for improved on-site conditions even after this pandemic has passed. Please make sure you follow the Ontario government’s recommendations and guidelines. If you have any concerns at all, please reach out to your Business Representative.

The IUPAT Health and Welfare Board of Trustees have responded to concerns that many members who have not been working are in danger of losing their benefits. It has been decided that no member will lose their benefit status for three months. For further details, please contact the BPA. Special thanks to the trustees from the Management side for supporting this initiative.

As many members are experiencing financial hardship, vacation pay was released early to eligible workers. Those wishing to access their remaining vacation pay need to apply individually. Otherwise, it will be sent in the fall.

Although construction has been deemed an essential service, there has been no recognition of the risks our members are taking to build needed infrastructure and homes. I WISH TO THANK YOU FOR THE IMPORTANT SERVICES YOU PROVIDE.

In as much as the COVID-19 pandemic has brought much uncertainty to our lives, it has also given us an opportunity to step back and reflect on those things which are most important to us, such as our health, family, friends and community.

Once again, thank you for the important work you are doing. Please stay safe and healthy.

God bless you all.


Bruno Mandic
Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 46 (District Council 46)

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