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June 04, 2018

Ontario Provincial Elections Are Coming. Make Sure You Vote to Protect Union Jobs!

Ontario has a series of elections coming up! No matter what your political affiliation is, or which issues are the most important to you, the most important thing is to vote!

December 07, 2015

IUPAT Union Negotiations Are Coming, and Results Will Affect Toronto and Ontario Painters, Glaziers and Other Union Members

The IUPAT DC 46 union negotiations that will affect union members including Toronto and Ontario painters, glaziers, drywall finishers and other members, will take place in early 2016. Thanks to previous negotiations of this kind, IUPAT members were able to secure and improve their wages and benefits through collective bargaining and agreements, as well as improved working conditions. Consequently, the 2016 union negotiations are being highly anticipated by everyone who is a member of the IUPAT.

October 22, 2015

Canadian Federal Election Results Look Positive for Union Jobs in Toronto

The results of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election are in, and the votes represented a winning Liberal majority. For those holding union jobs in Toronto and all of Ontario, this is some of the best news we could receive, as it promises advantages to workers who want to be able to support themselves and their families in a progressive environment.

September 30, 2015

Workers with Union Jobs in Toronto Need to Get Involved in the October 19 Election!

On October 19, 2015, Canada will hold elections. This is a critical junction for our country, as well as for all those workers who hold union jobs in Toronto and other cities. The trajectory of our communities’ futures truly depends on who wins and who loses. This is why the IUPAT is supporting a national movement called the “I’m Getting Involved Campaign”.

September 28, 2015

Toronto Painters and Other Union Job Holders: Are You Ready for the Upcoming Elections?

When it comes to Canada’s elections, we encourage every union member to take this event seriously. To that end, IUPAT has joined forces with Let’s Build Canada to empower, educate and represent workers from all provinces. By having all the information you need, we believe that you can make wise choices at the polls, bringing strength to the union and the community.

July 24, 2014

Unions in Toronto Have a More Positive Outlook Based on the Latest Election Results

As you are aware, the latest election results have been in our favour. We are excited for the future of unions in Toronto, especially the IUPAT. According to the campaign promises made by Premier Kathleen Wynne, a new 10-year infrastructure program will be put into place that places $130 billion on transit, transportation, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities. For the IUPAT, that means more opportunities for work for all of our members.

June 05, 2014

Provincial Election June 12, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you are no doubt aware, there is a provincial election scheduled for June 12,2014.

I know that our members often get frustrated by the number of elections we have had in Ontario over the past few years. However, this June, organized labour is going to stand up and ensure that we have the people in government who will best look after the rights of working people like our members.

May 28, 2014

Important Message for IUPAT Members

We can NOT trust Tim Hudak. Although he has changed his message, the Conservative leader still plans to weaken your union and every other union in Ontario.

** Weaken union bargaining power in negotiations with employers
** Undermine wages, benefits and pensions of both union and non-union workers
** Reduce workplace safety and union representation
** Cut good jobs for the next generation
** Weaken defense of public services, human rights and the environment

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